Complex tennis analysis solution for coaches, players
and mass media

Tennis ComStat offers an advanced tool to improve your game
and get information about the opponent. Our team delivers in-depth statistics and reports detailing
the most important shots and patterns of play. We love tennis and know how to analyze it.
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Why it's important to analyze your game?

Detailed statistics combined with visual perception give us objective match picture

The most effective way for post-match analysis is to compare final numbers and other statistical data with your own match impression. Such approach allows collecting the maximum of useful information – it’s not necessary for tennis coach to watch the whole match. You can look through our match flow stats and receive all required information from detailed report.

Analyze your opponent to prepare for the next match

Playing in conditions of tight schedule tennis tournaments it’s always a problem to prepare for the next round opponent. We analyze player’s recent matches and deliver reports just in time – with detailed summary on playing style, typical patterns and most powerful shots. Tennis ComStat provides you with clear picture about who your opponent is – shot tendencies breakdown, most winning zones, serve and return balls placement, and many more.

Improve training process and simplify communication between player and coach

Numbers do not lie. Statistical analysis is unbiased source of information you cannot argue with. Both player and the coach see the match at different angles. In order to avoid subjective conclusions, our clients use match reports which help them to approve their point of view. It simplifies mistakes explanation and make the whole training process more effective.

Working with match analysis report is easy!



Take a quick look and highlight the most important.



Adjust your plan for the match using received information.



Knowledge is a power, with high level analysis you’re always a step ahead.

Universal technology

Suitable for players of all levels, from ATP Top Ten to U16 Juniors.

Deep analysis

We keep track of all aspects of the game and calculate unique indexes.

Quality and efficiency

Your report is ready within 24 hours of the end of the match.

Unique methodology

Our product is developed in partnership with top tennis coaches and experts. We love tennis and know how to analyze it.