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🎾 Return Analysis New Dashboard: updated filters, detailed won/lost breakdown and clickable bounce zones⚡️

🆕Another big portion of updates at Tennis ComStat platform – we have added a new version of Return analysis dashboard. 👀Now it’s become simpler to find dependencies of Opponents’ Serve with your Return and Return+1 shots. You can find any specific combination and connect the dots: ✅Clickable zones on ball bounce side: one tap and you’ll have the required shot selection ✅Detailed breakdown for a neutral player’s position onRead more

▶️ Video Player Update: Filter and watch multiple matches in a few clicks! 🚀

📲 A long-awaited upgrade in our video player! Filter the points across multiple matches with ease – through the entire season, specific tournaments, or matches against particular opponents. 🌟Watch tagged videos and switch between points in just a few clicks. Choose one of 20+ parameters for precise filtering: ✅ Win/Loss point selection ✅ Detailed serve analysis ✅ Player positioning and Serve+1 direction ✅ Return categories

🎾Serve analysis is finally here! Advanced filters, Heatmaps and many more

Every tennis coach and player has their own vision when it comes to the question “How to improve your serve?” 🎯 Serving accuracy and strategy are critical in tennis, and we’ve made it easier than ever to unlock powerful insights and improve your game. 🎾📊We are thrilled to present a new version of Serve Analysis Dashboard! 📊🎾

New filters panel: Surface, Season, Tournament and custom match selection

We are glad to announce an enhanced way to navigate through your matches with a new filters panel: filters allow you to select a particular Season, Tournament, and even a particular Match; you can view only the matches played on a specific Surface; using a filter search you can also select matches versus a particular opponent; all data in dashboards is recalculated automatically once you apply the filter; by default, the dashboard displays only data fromRead more